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Here is some very interesting news. It has just been confirmed that Jessica Szohr and Taylor Momsen will not be returning for season 5 of Gossip Girl, as main characters this fall. It is said that both will maybe guest star once in a while, but the two of them will not be mains anymore.



All of the other actors on Gossip Girl will be on the show, when it comes back for season 5, including Kaylee DeFer who plays Charlie. So this means that we will have a new main character! Are you guys excited for Charlie to become a main character? I really like her, so I think it will be good to change up things a little.

Vanessa has not been doing much this season, and Taylor is very open about her enthusiasm on pursuring her career as a musician, so we probably saw it coming anyways. What do you guys think?! Are you excited or not? Tell me in the comments below!


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