After 5 weeks of waiting for our favorite show to return, the show came back on Monday.

The episode opened with Serena receiving a package from G, singular, who explained that there’s only one Gossip Blog that should exist and it’s not S by S. Of course, GG has a plan for everything, and even though her disappearances has still not been explained, Georgina tried to explain what Serena’s new job is. Write for Gossip Girl. After being almost caught by Nate, she did some research on Ivy, and as the Gods would have it she found out that Ivy agreed to pay William for the party. However, she didn’t know that this was a plan between him and Lily and so she sent out a hit before the deal could go through, destroying the chance of Lily getting her house back and Ivy loosing everything she gained out of that will.

Blair has other issues on hand, they all involve consummating the relationship with Dan. She bursts in his door, stripping off her trench wearing lingerie, when she realizes that his parents are there, she’s embarrassed. However, she joins them for breakfast and then ushers them out so Dan and her could have alone time, which is interrupted by a car alarm. Dan gets the offer of staying in a hotel, in which Blair joins him and they finally do the deed, only to figure out that both are disappointed. Blair runs off to Dorota, trying to figure out what to do but instead of figuring out her issues she gets drunk. When heading to Ivy’s party, her and Dan are in the same elevator, both drunk. Dan stops the elevator and the two go at it for a consecutive time.

Chuck invites Jack to town because he wanted to thank him for saving his life. Only, Chuck didn’t know the Jack has Hepatitis C and isn’t able to give blood. So he threw a ribbon cutting ceremony but having a “sick” child trying to get Jack to tell the truth. Afterwards we see Jack calling a certain someone, telling them to come into town and explain the situation. My money is on Diana.

Nate is idling around and Ivy is still the b**** of the upper east side.

Until next week, xoxo

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