Hey everybody! I hope you all had a chance to watch this week’s Gossip Girl’s episode because it was intense!

Dan and Blair string up what Juliet has been up to and decide to take action. Unfortunately, Eric talk them out of bringing Serena into this mission as he thinks it’s best for her. And so, Blair and Dan hit a road trip to Cornwall, Connecticut with the help of Gossip Girl. When arriving at the destination, the duo meets up with none other than, Damien Dalgaard who tells them about Juliet’s purchasing and Serena’s boarding school life. Nate gets caught up between the messy issue of his mother and father. In the end, there was still a divorce going on and Nate’s father is staying at the Empire for his parole. Speaking of the Empire, it turns out Lily is selling Bass Industries! And it turns out that back then, Ben (aka Serena’s teacher!)  turned down Serena which makes him the first guy in her life to do so. Without Serena knowing, Lily reports to school about the said affair and Ben ends up behind the bars. Lily did this in attempt to put Serena back in Constance. When Juliet found out about the Blair/Dan reunion with Damien, she rushed all the way back to the city to tell Serena the truth. Serena forgives her and promises to get Ben out of this mess. She later then made a scene at Lily’s holiday party which ended up in a blowout. Lily admits what she did and ended up with everyone hating including Rufus. It is then fast forward to a week later in which the gang meets up for a belated Thanksgiving dinner. Serena invites Dan for a road trip to help Ben but ends up taking the trip by herself. Nate will be spending his holidays with his dad at the Empire and Chuck is on his way to New Zealand to ask for help from Jack. This then leaves Blair and Dan alone together and we have no clue what’s going to happen. Some more bonding perhaps? Guess we just have to wait to find out then!

Enjoy your holidays! xoxo

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