Elizabeth Hurley’s character on Gossip Girl is set to return on the show in the coming episodes. What would she be up to this time? There are rumors that say her real reason for coming to New York isn’t because of Nate or the Archibalds and their vast empire. It may be because she is somehow connected to Chuck Bass.

Just how connected? According to spoiler sites, they may be related by blood. Are you surprised by this?

When Chuck had his accident a couple of episodes back, we didn’t really know how he got better. If not for Lily’s revelation that she rang Chuck’s Ucle Jack, who then proceeded to find Chuck’s blood donor, this would not have been resolved.

But the question is — was Diana the blood donor? And why was she the one Jack called, was she a perfect match? There are spoilers suggesting Diana could be Chuck Bass’ real mother.

Now that? That’s a real surprise!

And so now we have Chuck finding clues to what really happened to him on the night of the accident, by doing a bit of sleuthing at the hospital.

What will he discover, I wonder? And will he like what he learns?

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