Although they have only worked briefly with each other on Gossip Girl, and there’s a gap between them when it comes to age, twenty-six year old Chace Crawford thinks that forty plus year old Elizabeth Hurley is one charming woman. He says she’s this “lovely little butterfly”, describing as if the British beauty is just his contemporary.

Chace Crawford’s character on the show gets involved with Hurley’s character, Diana, and there are moments when they had to share a kiss or be too close for comfort. He admits that it’s sometimes hard to work because looking at her can be distracting.

The actor discloses that their final scenes together are done and Hurley has just about wrapped up her Gossip Girl stint, but he will still have more scenes to shoot. Crawford says he really loved working with her.

When the show wraps up filming for this season, Crawford will then be moving on to movie roles that will have him star opposite beauties like Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez. He says, however, that he is really looking forward to more British actors to work with.

Aside from Hurley, Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) is also British Born and the two have been working together since the show started.

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