I’m not sure if this is just a tease or those of us rooting for Chuck Bass to finally end up with Blair are bound for a huge disappointment. Because…what is this kiss between Dan and Blair, Gossip Girl? Is this merely a platonic kiss??

It does look like Blair’s happy to be with Dan. And ifI weren’t so much of a ChAIR fan, I’d probably be thrilled for this too, considering Dan is awfully a nice guy and Blair is clearly looking up to him as a confidante.

Are these two just cooking something up? Are these two also pretending? Is this a dream sequence, by either Serena, Chuck or Dan?

And is this kiss going to also affect Serena’s feelings for her former boyfriend and best friend for life. Wouldn’t that come full circle? When Gossip Girl started, Blair was too wary of Serena stealing Nate from her. And now, five years later, this is what we see.

What do you think this photo is telling us? And are you thrilled to see Dan and Blair sharing a kiss?

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