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Gossip Girl Season 1 vs. Season 2


why does no one like n and j together? if u thnk about it they hve gr8 chemistry and they r reely good friends as well. c and b reely need 2 get together alredy all this teasing is making me anxious (luckily i kno they ARE gettin 2gether this season atho…there will be problems shall i say, dnt want 2 spoil u 2 much lol) to tell u the truth im glad theres a break btween s and d bcos frankly they were gettin a lttle borin.
every1 seems 2 forget the hot parents as well … rufus and lily r hot 2gether n i totally lov them lol
i wnt 2 tel u guys mre spoilers but i kno sme peple like 2 wait n c 4 thmselves
v is my least fav character she seem s 2 butt in every1s biz and ruin all these relationships
wat is WITH her? i wish she wld get a bf…
aaron is actually prettty cool i hpe he stays awhile…
season 2 is betta tha s1 becos….
1 jenny isnt despr8 2 be popular
2 mre c and b
3 nate n j r 2gether
4 more scandalsl!!!!!!!!!!
5 v isnt with nate
6 it just rox dammit!
i hpe u like my article xoxo
more j and n wolud mke my day but v seems 2 b interfering 4 a while….

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