Wait a minute….when did Gossip Girl become a supernatural series? Because if rumors are correct, it looks like we’re bound to see the late Bart Bass back in the Upper East Side. His appearance is set in the last part of this season and sources have confirmed that the actor John Robert Burke is already in the set, shooting some of his scenes.

So, what gives Gossip Girl writers? Are we going to have a flashback or has Chuck’s head injury from the accident with Blair suddenly catching up on him? It’s a little bit to late, I know. But I’ve also realized that medical TV is a whole different level, so it’s possible, right?

Anyway, according to reports, Chuck is going to deal with daddy and mommy issues when the series returns. He’s going to do a lot of digging up, in order to find out the real stories behind his parents’ deaths or disappearance from his life.

Diana Payne, who played Chuck’s mother, may also be back on the show for this….so my big guess is that we’re going back in time, in order to learn more about Chuck’s family.

The question is…what’s this got to do with everything that’s going on in Gossip Girl this season?

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