So other than Georgina Sparks guess what other bad turned good star will be attending the wedding of Blair Waldorf?

Unfortunately as much as it would probably make the wedding so much more memorable Jenny will not be there, doubt she would ever get an actual invite.

Let us keep the guesses with those already on the show. He is a series regular, and we love him. Sorry Dair fans I am not talking about Dan Humphrey, but he probably will crash drunk or something. Mr. Chuck Bass is who. He already got the actual invite for the wedding but we never thought he would actually attend. Ed Westwick who plays Chuck Bass had recently confirmed this himself, and well now fan are even more excited to see what shall happen.

Perhaps this is another method for Chuck to really let go of Blair? Most of us were just expected him to drink away his sorrows that night alone. The new question is, will Chuck check the plus 1 box, or attend alone?

I wonder how the night will go down? Will Blair see Chuck cry when she sees Louis and look back at Chuck and realize he left? And then run after him? The image of Blair Waldorf running from something has already spread like wildfire on the internet so we can only imagine what is going to happen.

Just for fun, let us see other options for Blair running away in her gown. Could it be because she went to say goodbye to Chuck or Dan for the very last time causing her to run late for her own wedding? Or maybe Louis is the one to leave her at the alter and she goes running after him?

No idea what will really be but this will definitely be a memorable 100th episode for Gossip Girl and fans absolutely cannot wait to see what is in store for this wedding day.

I guess we will all just have to wait until January 30th to find out what is going down on this wedding day!

Remember January 30th save the date!

Also share you comments below on what you think might go down that night! Would love to hear!

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