Fans of Gossip Girl will have to contend with watching reruns of the series for now, as the show is on a hiatus and will be back sometime in April.

But once the show does return, be prepared for Lily’s revenge, so to speak. When we last saw the socialite and Serena’s mother, she was kicked out of her penthouse as Ivy took this from her, claiming she rightfully inherited this from Cece.

Cece is Lily’s mother and Serena’s grandma, who had died of cancer, and has apparently written Ivy into most of her will’s estate. This is why the girl who pretend to be Rhodes felt entitled to Lily’s properties.

But Lily, who is now holed up in Rufus’ pad in Brooklyn, of all places a socialite must be on, is talking to her lawyers in order to gain control of the situation. She has also blacklisted Ivy from any of the balls and parties amongst New York’s finest, the rich and the famous.

And this is where Serena’s father comes in, as Lily seeks his help with this matter.

I’ve not been a fan of Ivy from the beginning so it is really interesting to see how Lily is going to fight back and take what is rightfully hers.

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