Over the weekend, Gossip Girl fans have been agog over a video that was leak online featuring Blake Lively who was channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe. The actress was dressed up as the iconic actress and was doing a song number, with the rest of the guys on the show as her back-up band.

The video has been immediately pulled off line by Warner Bros, but not before I was able to snatch a screen shot of it (see to the left). Blair was indeed so game doing her best Marilyn Monroe impression and had the whole look down to pat. She sings “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” and the boys are each playing an instrument for her.

It was reportedly for an un-aired episode of Gossip Girl, which I think will come on the 100th episode. The leaked video had Chace Crawford doing a commentary, which was fun to listen to.

Is this part of the wedding program or a dream sequence by someone? Chuck is very much alive and looking like he has not been in an accident in this video. And is this what Blake Lively said in an earlier interview, when she alluded that there will be a musical number on the show soon?

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