Hey guys,

Now, I know many posts have been done of the Gossip Girl stars before they became the amazing household names they now are, but I’m going to post one anyway :)

Lets start with the blonde Bombshell, Blake Lively

Now for the elegantly stunning Leighton Meester

Next up is the sexy pinup boy Chace Crawford

Now for the stunningly exotic-looking Jessica Szohr

Next up is the ever cute, Penn Badgley
and Lastly, the controversial but ever so pretty Taylor Momsen, lets check out her evolution from button-nosed who-from-whoville to grungy and revealing teen.

Don’t they all look just so cute!
Anyway, these are the stars I could find..
I have other cast members, let me know if you want to see them :)

Who has changed the most? and Who was hard to recognise? :P

Let me know below!

Love Sophia!

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