For yesterday’s episode the producers came up with a intense-drama plot, it’s kind of like every episode just a little more out there than usual.

Let’s start with the Princess-to-be. Sharing her big news with the family was a good decision, although I’m surprised her mother didn’t fall dead. What mother of a 20 year old having a child reacts this way? She did express her disbelief in the beginning but then decided to accept the fate of her daughter and made sure that Blair knew that she was supporting her. Before finding out about the contract, Blair was ready to move to Monaco, just because Serena wouldn’t listen to her for a few seconds. Louis on the other hand didn’t care for her decision at all. Interesting conflict there.

Serena is up to some scheming. Truthfully, I could care less about what she has to say and does. Her character is loosing the spark. So first she screws over Dan, then sends away her best friend and then comes full circle and apologizes to both and gets what she wants again. So annoying.

Chuck is in trouble. We always knew he had issues but that phone call at the end suggests everything. I’m worried, as I’m sure all you Bass Fans are too! He needs help, ASAP.

Dan is on the height of his success, if only he had friends to share it with. Well he has Chuck and now Serena’s back in the loop. Hint for Derena to come back to life?

Nate tries to show his boss that he can get secrets, but he fails, yet again and instead protects his friends.

Charlie on the other hand uses the Van der Woodsen/Bass files to get back into Diana’s good graces. What a snitch, however, all of the possible documents usable for scandals are already out. Except for one.

The last scene is Diana burning a picture of a girl. She found it in Bart’s file. Could this suggest that they had a love child together? Could she be Chuck’s Mother?

The answers will be brought to you within 6 days! xoxo

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