Hi everyone,

Gossip Girl here, with a very special announcement.

gossip-girl-episodes.com has been the #1 most popular Gossip Girl fansite on the entire web for almost three years. WOW.

What’s so cool about gossip-girl-episodes.com is that this is a FANSITE: run by fans and for the fans! It’s not owned by a major corporation..and so our only goal is to please you and make the best @#$# Gossip Girl website in the world!!

Let’s make this website even BETTER. Let’s make it the best that it can possibly be!!!

We want to add new sections, cool new features, and amazing article topics that you guys will love.

Want more quizzes? More fashion articles? Twitter integration? Quotes? Music? Bios?

We want your ideas! We want ALL your best ideas.  And we will then have the community vote on the best ones and we will do our best to do every one of those!

So, send me your ideas for what to add to the website!  Please post them in the comments below!

You know I love you.

Gossip Girl xoxo

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