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Lily may be more than willing to forgive Chuck for what happened with Jenny but Rufus will be much more pissed off. So hence, reports say that CHUCK is the one that’s going to come between Lily and Rufus. COME ON, C. And just when he starts realizing that it’s not entirely C’s fault, another big blast comes through. And why? Not only because of their little shennanigans in the finale but because Eric also lets loose the fact that Chuck tried to molest her in season 1! WOAH.

A few weeks ago, spoilers surfaced that S is going to have to choose between Nate and Dan. While this may be the case later in the season, the fact that Dan seemed to be into Serena again in the finale will NOT effect his relationship with Vanessa. She moves in with him in the third episode!

So what’s the status with Georgina, his baby mama?




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