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Today I found out that actually not all employees at Chanel USA are pleased with Blake as the new face for the Mademoiselle-handbag line. A source is saying that there apparently has been “internal grumblings” about Blake.

The campaign of Blake won’t be out  in the states until next month, but the complaining began last year right after Blake was announced as the official face of the campaign.

A source says that some people at the US offices, does not like Blake because of her “off-brand look” – which is the fashions industry’s way of saying that they like the effortless european sophisticated look more than the American beauty that Blake has.

Blake’s American looks are, though, what attracted Karl Lagerfield in the first place. “She’s kind of the American dream girl.” Karl said a couple of months back.

Even though, another insider says that the Chanel US office would never have a say in who is chosen to represent the brand in advertising. “They would literally fire anyone who tells not being happy with Lively’s representation of the Mademoiselle bag line.”

So what do you guys think? Do you agree in having a european spokeswoman or an american? I don’t really have an opinion, really. I love the ads for the Mademoiselle line, and I always think that the Chanel ads looks fabulous, either way.

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