As some of you have realized near the end of the second season finale Carter Baizen revealed where he found something Serena wanted in Santorini, only now it’s in Fiji: Serena’s father. Keith van der Woodsen. In a past episode the Grandfather, Serena tells Carter to back off or she will reveal what happened in Santorini. I’m still trying to figure out what could have happened in Santorini that Carter didn’t want people to find out but certainly it’s not searching for Serena’s father. Then what is it? I sense that in Season 3 they will reveal that information. Also, will Serena go on a quest to find her father? Will she do that over the summer? Will she have to skip Brown this fall? She will definitely find a lot of important information about her background and about her mother and father. Also, in the episode before the season finale, Valley Girls, in the spin-off we saw a young Keith van der Woodsen. If Serena and Eric’s last name was not van der Woodsen we would have never thought that Lily would have married him. Or dated him for that matter. In the spin-off young Lily jumped on him and hit him with her purse continuously. Was that an 80’s way of flirting? I think not. Did it have to do anything with CeCe involved? But how did that all turn into a marriage? We would probably found that out if the spin-off continued and my hopes are definitely still high. Will the Gossip Girl spin-off be still alive for a mid-season pickup?340x

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