Taylor Momsen, also known as Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, quit acting in order to be doing what she really loves, music. Her grunge look became much more prominent once she quit the show and she really felt herself more than ever before. She has released an album and is now touring. The tour is called “The Medicine Tour” which opened earlier this month. Her schedule is packed with appearances all over the major cities in the States, releasing a new EP and then going on tour with Marilyn Manson.

In a recent Interview, Taylor spoke her mind about the tour, her music and goals.

“I don’t hear from that fans or people that I know. Everyone wants to put a label on you so you’re easier to understand, so it’s easier to understand the whole thing. There’s not a lot of females in rock ‘n’ roll so the comparisons are understandable but I’m doing my own thing. I think I’m doing something different.”

“The only goal was to be able to make records and to make new music and to write good songs. I never thought about it, about where it would go,” said Momsen. “The biggest thing I’ve learned is to kind of let things go naturally and the course they’re meant to go in and not to force anything. And to stay true to my own conviction and my own vision and not bend for anyone for the industry or any sort of outside force. Sometimes it’s a fight but I think it’s worth it at the end of the day.”

“There’s definitely a lot more spontaneity [in the music world],” said Momsen. “What I love about it so much is that I get to write my own songs and sing them. I don’t have to play a character. They’re both great, but acting was pretty much a job.”

“Having the opportunity to only do music and having to do other jobs as well is such a blessing and so amazing and to have that be my only focus is awesome,” said Momsen. “The goal has always kinda been the same thing: to make records and continue doing that. I want to do that for the rest of my life and if I can do that, it’s amazing.”

“My perspective of what good is has definitely evolved,” said Momsen. “We’ve gotten the opportunity to tour with so many bands from Evanescnesce to Guns n Roses to [Marilyn] Manson to Foo Fighters, so to be able to watch some of the greatest bands around right now and learn from them has helped my perspective.”

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