Blair Waldorf sported one simple and very lacy outfit. She wore a Zac Posen Flounched Charmeuse Skirt paired with a Jason Wu Blouse with Lace Overlay and a pair of 3.1 Phillip Lim Calder T Strap Platform Pumps. I liked this look so much better than last weeks plaid wool skirt debacle.

The skirt cinches at the waist and then has a piece of fabric attached at the hem, giving the illusion of a ruffle. The black looks great on her, elegant and very simple. Now the blouse adds major texture. A neutral base color with a lace overlay and opaque black sleeves with lace on the seams. While we know that Blair looks great in almost anything, we also know that she tends to go a little overboard with lace (aka the orange-white lace neglige two episodes ago). This blouse is much more refined and more Blair-esque. She paired the outfit with a lace tights in black. Now, I love when she wears these but not if the blouse already has a major lace moment. It’s difficult to work that kind of fabric into an outfit. You always have to watch out whether you are keeping it simple or if it is too overpowering. Now, her shoes are gorgeous. The neutral color matches the color of the blouse.

Her hair? Her hair has another flat moment. I don’t know what it is with the hair and make-up crew but they do not know how to work with Blair’s hair. It doesn’t even seem styled and very unlike Blair. Her make-up on the other hand is the usual. Rosy cheeks, pink lips and a smokey-ish eye. Even though they can’t tame her hair, they managed to shape those eyebrows back in shape. That was the first step to old Blair. Let’s hope they get it all back before the Season ends.


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