Gossip girl here…

Wanna find out who’s your gossip guy…check this out!

What do you look in a guy?

a) Looks

b) Personality

c) Reputation

what kind of guys do you like?

a) A romantic

b) A good mate

c) A daredevil

where is your dream date?

a) At a restraunt

b) At a soccer game

c) A party

Do you prefer guys who make the first move?

a) Sometimes

b) No

c) Yes

what kind of relationship can’t you be in most?

a) A guy who misses their ex

b) Lying to each other

c) He flirts with other girls

He’s a guy you’d:

a) date

b) Have a relationship

c) have a fling

gossip-guys.jpg image by jatelove

Mostly a’s- Nate Archibald

You love a romantic guy, which everyone will die for! But when his ex is involed its tricky business….he’s your perfect prince charming!

Mostly B’s- dan Humphrey

The respect he has for you just melts your heart,  because he’s not well known, girls can’t dribble all over him….so you can have him for yourself!

Mostly C’s- Chuck bass

He’s a guy hard to get because he’s a womanizer and straightforward too…he likes to have a laugh and deep down he cares!

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